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Pants And Knicker Wetting

July 26th, 2007 by admin

Pissing In Panties

knicker wetting

tights pissed in

tights pissed in

Candi makes extra money as a make up artist based out of her place. Today is a busy day for her, one client left already & Marla just arrived to get her make up done to attend a wedding & she’s in a rush! Marla rushes in and acts like a B**** towards Candi, hurrying her to do her makeup. Candi tries to hold on in her tight stretch jeans but her bladder is too full and some of it starts leaking out, making a nice wet spot in the front! Marla starts laughing at Candi too soon!

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Pissing In her Skirt And Panties

July 17th, 2007 by admin

Pissing In Panties

knicker wetting

tights pissed in

wet panties

Isn’t it great to have a delightful co-worker like Janessa to walk home with, especially one that is so prone to forgetting to use the toilets before leaving the office! She looks very sexy in her blazer, pumps and long floral skirt today; you notice right away that she
is squirming like crazy and admits that she neglected to use the washroom earlier but can probably make it home. She needs to stopfrequently to either cross her legs tight or grab her crotch through her skirt. You wonder what type of panties she is wearing underneath
but you won’t have to wonder for very long…
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Wet Pranks with Candi & Alice!

May 17th, 2007 by admin

Pissing In Pants

Pissed In Pants

Showing Pissed In Pants

We Wet Our Pants

Our Wet Pissey knickers

What a surprise !!
when we came back to the hotel room to find Alice passed out on the couch! Candi had a great idea to put her hand in a bowl of warm water to see if Alice would wet her pants. We stare intently at her crotch area; Alice is wearing thin linen pants with visible panty line. All of a sudden we see a wet streak appear at her crotch & thigh dampening the light material! Alice wakes up at our giggling and is horrified when she realises what is happening to her, that she pissed her pants! She lunges at Candi and knocks her to the ground, tickling her mercilessly as she laughes and squeels. She even grabs her foot and start tickling her soles which produces a wet spot right on
her crotch area! There’s even some that trickled down her bum!

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Adana & Janessa Pissed In Purple Panties

March 25th, 2007 by admin

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Janessa is such a goof! She accidentally closed the door to the house & didn’t bring her keys so now she’s stuck with her desperate friend Adana outside in the backyard. Adana is a shy girl & doesn’t want to pull down her panties to pee in front of the nosy neighbhors hanging around outside this weekend. She’s desperately crossing her slim legs and jiggling around as they reminice about that time they were drunk & coming home & they both end up wetting their tight jeans completely.

Of course you lose your inhibitions when you areintoxicated but today, that is not the case. All of a sudden, without warning, Adana’s bladder gives in & her piss just pours out, right through her purple cotton panties & splashing all over her denim skirt & onto the ground. Once she started she couldn’t stop the flow as she empties her big bladder right in front of her friend!!

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Marla Pissing In Her Red Panties

March 22nd, 2007 by admin



Wow how hot is this set from ineed2pee pissed in red panties with the pissey camel toe
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Janessa & Marla Pissing In Their Knickers

March 21st, 2007 by admin


knicker wetting

The Above Pictures show the aftermath of the story below which can be seen in all its peeing glory here
…..While Janessa sits on the stairs, crossing her legs tightly and trying to calm her anxious bladder while getting more annoyed with Marla. Soon enough her pent up pee is pouring out right through her panties and through her dress pants, splashing all around the stairs. Its all Marlas Fault for losing the keys & making Janessa piss her pants so Marla deserves to have the same thing happen to her! It’s not long before Marla’s bouncing around doesn’t work her bladder is about to explode… it gushes out uncontrollably, right through her thin panties and skin tight dress pants that are already pulled up high. Her pee is so forceful as it streaming through the thin material and splashes all down her thighs, onto her sandals & leaving dark trails all the way down. What a mess for both these girls! You Must See The Video It Is Hot See It Now CLICK HERE

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Candi From Ineed2pee

March 21st, 2007 by admin

Candi from Ineed2pee 

Say Hello To Candi from Ineed2pee How sexy is she with her wet knickers. Knicker wetting  is one of the things ineed2pee does well see more Click Here

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